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Conditions of use

Before Ordering, Please Read the General Terms and Conditions.

  1. Electrical power must be order no later than five (5) business days prior to move-in day to avoid on-site fee charge.

  2. All other utilities must be ordered no later than fourteen (14) business days prior to move-in to avoid on-site fee charge.

  3. Any changes from the original order must be coordinated through the Albuquerque Convention Center Exhibit Services Desk during posted exhibitor move-in hours.

  4. Order received on-site will be charged at the floor order rates.

  5. Additional labor for special request or custom connections is billed to exhibitors at the prevailing labor rates (please refer to specific order form).

  6. Only Albuquerque Convention Center engineering staff is authorized to make utility connections – no exceptions.

  7. A separate outlet must be ordered for each location where electricity is needed.

  8. Rates listed for all connections include bringing the service to both in the most convenient manner for the Albuquerque Convention Center and do not include connecting equipment, materials, special wiring or labor. Normally all electrical outlets will be placed on the floor in back of booth. Island booth outlets may be brought to one (1) location at our discretion if no information is provided.

  9. Hourly labor rates are subject to change prior to opening or during the operation of the show. A minimum charge of one (1) hour labor for inst all ation and one-half (1/2) hour to dismantle will apply and time will commence upon exhibitor's request. Failure to start labor at requested time will result in a one (1) hour charge per electrician requested, unless 24-hour advance notice is provided in writing.

  10. Additional service charges and labor charges may be assessed for installations done on-site. Payment must be rendered in FULL for orders made on-site prior to service being provided.

  11. All equipment regardless of source of power, must comply with Federal, State, and local codes. The Albuquerque Convention Center reserves the right to inspect all electrical devices and connections to ensure compliance with all codes. The Albuquerque Convention Center is required to refuse connections where the exhibitor wiring is not in accordance with local Electrical Codes.

  12. Extension cords must be UL approved and grounded. Extension cords which do not meet this rating is strictly prohibited. You may order UL approved and grounded extension cords from the Albuquerque Convention Center . All exposed non-current carrying metal parts of fixed equipment, which are liable to be energized, shall be grounded.

  13. Standard walls and other permanent building utility outlets or sockets are not part of booth space and may not be used by exhibitors.

  14. All electrical equipment must be properly tagged and wired with complete information as to the type or current required for operation, voltage, phase, cycle, horse power, etc.

  15. Material and equipment furnished the Albuquerque Convention Center for this electrical and utility order is furnished on a rental basis and remains the property of the Albuquerque Convention Center and shall be removed by Albuquerque Convention Center employees.

  16. Albuquerque Convention Center employees are authorized to cut floor coverings when essential for installation of service unless otherwise directed.

  17. It is agreed that in the event it becomes necessary to turn this matter over to an attorney for collection, or to file a lien, or foreclosure, or otherwise, exhibitor will pay the Albuquerque Convention Center for its attorney fees or applicable agency fees. 

  18. Exhibitor holds the Albuquerque Convention Center and SMG, as its operator, harmless for any and all losses of power beyond the Albuquerque Convention Center 's control, Including but not limited to, losses due to utility company failure, permanent power distribution failure, power failure caused by vandalism, faulty exhibitor equipment, or overloads caused by exhibitor.


--Once your payment has been submitted you will receive a notification by email. If you do not receive this email within 10 minutes, please check your email client's junk or spam folder. If you have still not received a notification email, please call (505) 768-3863 or email

Terms and Conditions